Magic Turf has the perfect solution to keep your residential property green all year around, staying lush 24/7 and save costs. Magic Turf offers large variety of artificial turf products for all purposes. With the latest water restrictions and water conservation in Australia, Magic Turf sought a perfect solution to resolve that old dried lawn for residential, commercial properties, playgrounds and sports fields into show case display. There is no need to water, weeding, mowing, fertilizer and most of all it is guarantee to be ‘low maintenance’.

Magic Turf range have new and improved technologies making softer but tougher yarn and using triple-backed latex backing to give it durability to last 15-20 years. Our yarn is made from the world’s best yarn producers and combined with latest technology and innovations, to produce the most durable, life-like artificial turf for all applications. Magic Turf gives you confidence with a 7 year warranty on UV resistant to beat our Aussie sun.


No Watering No Mowing!

Magic Turf ™ - says No!

  • No watering
  • No mowing
  • No fertilizers or pesticides
  • No weeding, No grass residue
  • No hay fever
  • No muddy footprints

Magic Turf ™ - says Yes!

  • Stay greener all year around
  • Perfect solution for hay fever suffers
  • Children and pets activities
  • 7 years warranty UV resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Save you money and save you time
  • Increase the value of your home

Product Range



  Recent water restriction is approaching stage 4 in many parts of Melbourne, Victoria. We have slashed our entire turf price to make it affordable for everyone to help the conservation of our precious water.
Click here for more info on water restrictions
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